Senior Advice

Cameron Avila, Writer

Rob Duarte: “Always keep up with your homework and turn it on time.”
Julian Perez: “Stay focused and don’t get in a relationship because you’re too young and there’s better fish in the sea”
Faith Sena: “Do literally anything you want because you only live once but that doesn’t mean get straight F’s. Subscribe to ItzMuntz on YouTube.”
Tony: “Don’t miss any school. It will hurt you in the long run.”
Allyson Castillo: “Make right choices and always get involved or else you’ll regret it”
Mason Santos: “Don’t ever procrastinate, do your work, and not at the last minute and take advantage of what you have and enjoy High School while you can it goes by quick.”
Kayla Duran: “Show up to school and get your work done, don’t ditch”
Sam Wolf: “Make the most of it and make as many friends as possible.”
Doug Horvath: “Take AG classes because they teach you useful information.”
Brian Noller: “Make sure you save money for all your school events.”