McDonald’s Review

Benedict Casias, Writer

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McDonald’s is a multi-billion dollar franchise owned by Ray Kroc. McDonald’s is known for being a fast food place with low unbeatable prices. The cheeseburger starting at only 1$ is an all time favorite. You can also get a drink for the same price.
If you think that’s cheap then try getting the McDonald’s app. The app gives you options to order to go and also lets you redeem daily and weekly deals. The deals can be large sandwiches for only 2$, large fries for 1$, free medium fries on Fridays, buy one McCafe and get one McCafe for 0.01$, free large soft drink, and many more deals that are exclusive to the app. The app also gives you information about the new food that gets released. There are a lot of features that McDonald’s added for you to buy cheaper food using the app.
McDonald’s does not only give you good deals using the app, in the McDonald’s store you can buy large fries, 20 piece McNuggets and large sandwiches for instant wins.
Instant wins are these codes you could peel off of selective items. The codes give you more deals for you to instantly win. I’ve won free Redbox movies, free medium fries, and a free McCafe by getting lucky with the instant wins. There’s also the 10$ bundle, it’s very popular because it makes for a perfect meal for two, which includes two cheeseburgers, 20 piece chicken nuggets, and 2 medium fries.
McDonald’s is also great for having a place to sit down and enjoy your food. They all have a good amount of workers, so most are kept clean. You’ll enjoy a visit at your local McDonald’s, and each time they’ll have you wanting to come back and have more of their delicious fast food.