Devin Diaz Profile


Cameron Avila, Writer

Devin Diaz, currently a senior here at Nipomo High School has been running Cross Country for four years. “It gives me a better perspective on the everyday challenges I face, and gives me a sense of determination,“ said Diaz.
Last Wednesday, Devin placed 6th at League Finals, which allows him to participate in CIF Finals. “It’s awesome,” Devin claims, “I’m really looking forward to pushing my limits in a new environment, and hopefully moving on to state.”
Diaz has worked hard to be a potential recipient of scholarship at West Texas A&M. He hopes to major in AG business and stay motivated while maintaining a good relationship with his second family.
Aside from his dedication to his athletics, Devin works hard to keep up with his academic work, participate in Nipomo FFA program and effectively fulfill his role as president of Nipomo High school Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Devin doesn’t concern himself too heavily with such a rural aspect of life, claiming “You can sleep when you’re dead.”