Join the Band: Band of Misprints Club


Claire Gretlein, Writer

We can communicate thoughts, ideas, and creativity through written word. Poetry is comprised of many different styles; prose, sonnets, and spoken word are some of the most popular genres. Here at school the club Band of Misprints is where you can dive into the magical world of poetry. This club allows students to generate their own poetry and with their own unique style; Band of Misprints has created a safe space for students to develop their poetic voices.
The club’s weekly meetings are every Friday at lunch in Ms. Smoot’s room. Quick writing activities, viewing online poetry performances, and insightful discussions are just a few things that take place during the meetings. Band of Misprints also meets occasionally outside of school to do poetry writing workshops, attend events with special guests, or just meet at a local cafe and work on their current pieces. Second semester, the club is going to have Open Mic nights for the student body to share their art, whether it be poetry, song, or writing. Ms. Smoot says: “All poets are welcome.”
In the club, six officers that coordinate all of the activities and lead discussion in meetings. For the officers, the club is a creative outlet for their artistic endeavors. The club’s founder and president, Makaylah Lopez, said she “started the club because there wasn’t an outlet for it (poetry at NHS) before.”
Mikayla is proud that the club is “such a diverse group” and asserts that it “just makes us a stronger team.” Vice President Bella Garcia has found acceptance in the group as well. “Being a deep-feeling person, it’s important for me to meet people in the same confusing stage of life.” Band of Misprints’ social media manager, Taylor Ward, loves her job because, “PR is fun and I really enjoy advertising.” The rest of the club officer roles are filled by Editors Grace Padden and Jordan Bates, and Claire Gretlein is the clubs event coordinator.
With this fantastic group of students leading the club, the entire membership is pumped up this year’s poetic endeavors. The largest project that’s in the works is the club’s poetry anthology, a compilation of the student poetry. Even if you’re not involved in the club, you can deliver your poems to anyone in the club and ask it for be published in the club volume. “Drop a Line” boxes will soon be in English classrooms all over campus; feel free to put a poem in.
Band of Misprints is ready to fill their year with fun and their pages with poetry, and they hope you’ll lend your talents as well. The world is ready to hear your voice.