Reaching Out

Grace Padden, Co-Editor in Chief

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Many California families lost their homes and livelihoods in this year’s record-breakingly destructive fire season this year. Over five dozen people have been killed in the Camp Fire, the most in California history. More than a thousand people have gone missing, and evacuation warnings have impacted students and workers all over the state. Here on the Central Coast, we have been fortunate enough to have been relatively unaffected by the terrible fires.

Some Nipomo High and New Tech students in Hysterical Artists (the improvisational theater group) and Band of Misprints (the poetry club) have decided to work together and donate some of their time and talent to helping those most affected. In the upcoming H.A. show on December 20th called the Give Back show, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to natural disaster relief effort organizations, among other charities. Band of Misprints poets will be selling original poems, and profits from those works will be donated to disaster relief efforts as well.

Come enjoy a night of laughter and excellent poetry while giving back to California communities this holiday season.