Brian Steen-Larsen: Renaissance Man

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Brian Steen-Larsen: Renaissance Man

Thomas Apel, Co-Editor in Chief

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For many young freshmen beginning their high school careers, it is considered normal to take some time to explore the school and go light on their schedule.
This is not the case for Brian Steen-Larsen. As a freshman, Brian is a member of the school’s pop band, the cast of Mamma Mia, and has participated in the year’s earlier shows, including Fools and the Red Eye Festival.
Some would probably wonder how Brian is able to maintain such a cool demeanor given all the pressure and busyness brought on by extracurriculars. Perhaps it is because he has already been involved in the arts. “I got started with drama in Jr. High,” says Brian, smiling nostalgically under his cap and curly blond hair. “In eighth grade, I got to test out the elective wheel, and decided I liked theater.”
By coincidence, Brian is no stranger to this year’s new drama teacher. Mrs. Robyn Metchik, Mesa Middle School’s former teacher transferred to Nipomo this year along with Brian and his classmates. Now, continuing to work under Metchik in Mamma Mia, Brian says he is happy to be in the show. “The production was fun, for the most part,” states Brian. “Rehearsals were pretty intense, but we got a lot done.”
Brian is not exaggerating about the rehearsal schedule; the average rehearsal time for Mamma Mia cast was found to be an average of 18 hours per week for 4 months. Nonetheless, Brian is enjoying his position in the department, and is planning on auditioning for Newsies, the scheduled musical for the second semester.
However, the musical Brian would like to perform in the most is Les Miserables. “It’s got a lot of spirit, a strong story, and a great ending!” says Brian. Les Miserables was performed by Nipomo High School twice and was directed by none other than Mrs. Metchik both times. “I love the arts,” says Brian fondly. “My favorite places on campus are Olympic Hall and the band room.”
Brian’s hours in the band room are mostly spent strumming on a guitar and humming harmonies with other members of the music department. When asked about Brian as a creator, one fellow musician described him as “easygoing, enthusiastic, and talented.” Like theater, Brian also began his music career in junior high school. “I played ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ by The Clash at a Valentine’s Day concert, and it was really fun playing with a band,” recalls Brian. “I was also inspired by punk-rock bands like The Ramones.”
Brian hopes that more music oriented electives such as music theory and a jazz-specific class will be offered in the future at Nipomo High School. According to Brian, “the best thing about high school is all the opportunities for helping decide your future.” Based on Brian’s current high school activities, it looks like his future is a bright one.