Student Government

Alexis Perales, Writer

There are three things you should know about our school. One: there are 20 positions in our student council and only eight are held. Two: every class has the opportunity to have a class lock in  or a class pool party if their president decides to plan it and put it together. Three: I bet you can’t name who those eight people on the student council are.

Let’s be honest, many people complain about our school and wish for it to be better. Yet only a few people tend to step up to help make those changes. Remember, change requires participation. Last year’s election for this year’s government consisted of only two people running for each position, excluding Treasurer.

Only one person ran for Sophomore Class President, one for Junior Class President, and two for Senior Class President. Each class has positions for Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. No one really runs for these positions, and no one really knows why. A common theory is that people don’t know they can run. Another is that they don’t deem those positions as important. Anyone can run for any of these positions, and if you were already in ASB for a year, you can run for the Executive Council. This includes Executive (Student Body) President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

All of these positions do great things for our school and can offer chances for change. For example, the Junior Class President plans prom which entails booking a location and a DJ, and choosing the theme. Executive Vice President is in charge of Student Senate (where each class’ nominates individuals who meet with other class representatives once a month during second period) which provides students the opportunities to give their opinions on important school matters. Each position has a unique duties, and getting elected isn’t all that difficult.

Here’s why our current Executive Council decided to run for their positions: “At first it was just because I wanted to make a difference at Nipomo High [School], but then it developed into wanting to serve the school that has done so much for me. I wanted to give students a voice because even speaking up for small things teaches them that they have opinions that we want to hear,” said Madrid Holland, Executive President.

“I decided to run for Vice President of NHS because I saw it as a huge opportunity to grow as a person, as well as helping others grow with me,” explained our current 2018-2019 Executive Vice President Michelle Rasgado. “I also wanted to help the school’s environment and as Vice President I would be running the Student Senate meetings that would help create all these amazing, hidden leaders, from freshman to seniors that never really had the chance to lead.”

Our current 2018-2019 Executive Secretary, Krystal Diaz, agrees. “I like serving our school by being part of the process of approving what the school spends its money on. I just like being able to have an impact on others,” she said.

Our current 2018-2019 Treasurer Andrew Derek Ouellet also wants to make positive change. “I wanted to be in the position of where I could make a significant difference and I knew what the people wanted because I was used to hearing criticism. So I planned to please the people by listening to their criticism and making changes in response to said criticism,” he said.

Running for these positions offers students a platform to voice their opinions here at Nipomo High School, and it also gives them valuable, memorable life lessons.

Wayne Independent defined student council as “an organization of students who hold the common interest of serving as the driving forces in upholding and increasing school spirit, helping their fellow students, and allowing members a chance to develop and use leadership skills in both the school and community.”

Being a part of your school’s government means making change. That change starts with you. Don’t feel forced into running or anything. If you want to sit back and complain about our school, go ahead. But consider the opportunity to change to our school. Go ahead. Make your choice. Elections are in May.