Crystal Healing for the Mind and Body

Claire Gretlein, Arts & Entertainment Editor

It’s 2019, and the rise of alternative medicine is skyrocketing. In most towns you will probably stumble upon a crystal shop, a massage therapy studio, or an herbal apothecary. Healing that uses Eastern earth medicine is gaining popularity, and the use of Western medicine is being put aside to try these different healing techniques for the emotional and physical body.

One of the most popular healing methods that’s emerging from Eastern cultures is crystal therapy. This is practiced by using the vibrations of crystals to affect your personal vibration field to encourage healing. Crystals are a tangible representation of the earth’s powerful vibrations, and they can be used to heal.

     According to an article from crystal healing is practiced in many different cultures. Ancient Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli, emeralds, carnelian, turquoise, and clear quartz in amulets for protection. The Greeks attributed certain qualities to crystals which corresponded with their gods and goddesses; the names of crystals are of Greek origin as well. In ancient China and South America, Jade was heralded as a crystal that aided in kidney healing  and even ancestor worship. The use of crystals among cultures of different origin truly displays their versatility and rich history.

     Most crystalline healing aligns with the Indian chakra system that consists of the seven main energy centers of the body as mentioned in an article from The vibrations of the crystals correlate with different chakras, which are (top of body to bottom) the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. Each chakra holds energy for specific functions, and with the use of corresponding crystals for each chakra, you can learn to align your chakras and balance the energies in your body.

      When aligning your chakras, using the energy of crystal-based meditation  is often the best route, so that your mind and body are still but the crystals can aid in conducting the energy fluidly through your body. Even if you don’t use crystals while meditating, it is still a very healthy practice for the mind and body to be still and relax. In a article, they explain the practice of meditation, which has been used in many cultures for centuries and has been scientifically proven to improve the health of the brain, cardiovascular system, immune system, and heals damage to the body on a cellular level. Using crystals while meditating can help increase your own spiritual healing process and the stones can bring focused intention to your meditation sessions.

      The most important thing about crystal therapy is that you don’t have to be focused on strict meditation or making sure your chakras are perfectly balanced.  Crystal healing is all about your path to health and happiness, and your own unique spiritual journey. Crystals are physical reminders of the earth and its healing qualities. With the power of the earth and centuries of historical significance to guide you, the options for healing and growth are endless.