Physical Inactivity Leads To Serious Health Issues

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Physical Inactivity Leads To Serious Health Issues

Fabiola Vazquez, Writer

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If you are a student or a teacher who spends hours sitting in front of a computer or paperwork, you might be in serious trouble with your health. Maybe you already knew it but you have not realized how serious the problem is.


According to the US National Library of Medicine, physical inactivity is one of the main worldwide causes of diseases like diabetes, breast and colon cancers and coronary heart disease. Physical inactivity can lead to anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and affect the cognitive function of the brain.

Mr. Joseph Veloz, who enjoys reading about sports and health in general, says that according to experts, physical inactivity “leads to medical issues and a shorter life span.”

There is no doubt that the consequences of inactivity can get accumulated through the years and cause cancer, leading to death.


The facts from BBC Mundo show that the country with more obesity in the world is the United States. It is estimated that obesity rates will continue increasing until 2030. Regarding this, Veloz said, “I am not surprised because I live here and I see how unhealthy our citizens are.” He also thinks that many health issues are originated from lack of sleep. He said, “It all starts with sleep deprivation, and continues with lack of participation in sports and getting bad eating habits. It is ironic because supposedly the United States is the best country in the world but people are not living a good healthy life. They are learning bad habits.”


Veloz is an incredible leader due to his passion for staying healthy. He believes in the importance of having a balance between sleeping good, eating well and exercising regularly. He said he has tried almost every existing sport. Some of them are world football (soccer), American football, roller hockey, track and field, swimming, tennis, water skiing, surfing, and volleyball. “I love to play, it makes me feel like a kid again”, Veloz said.


Physical health has a big role in life. It has a lot of benefits that we are tired of hearing: reduces stress, strengthens your immune system, and activates your circulatory system by pumping more blood. Furthermore, It has been scientifically demonstrated that people who regularly exercises have a higher level of cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, a healthier body and composition, enhanced bone health, higher level of functional health and a better cognitive function.

In spite of knowing exercise is important, we have to take it more seriously and really apply our knowledge because what can we do without health?


Veloz recommends teens to exercise regularly, sleep better and learn how to cook, in order to eat healthy food. In this way he says, “When teenagers were kids they would play a lot and it was fun; so, why don’t do it now?.”


The truth is “We need to slow down the hectic lifestyle. Experience life instead of being online all the time”, Veloz said.


If you stress a lot and constantly feel overwhelmed by paperwork, suffer from muscular pains and/or cardiovascular problems here are some tips that will help you improve your health and increase your physical activity:

  1. Plan exercise time in your schedule: let some time in your schedule for physical activity or relaxation time. A good option is getting a gym membership and get your exercise routine from an expert.

  2. Get off the bus one stop earlier: if you take the bus back home, get off one stop earlier and go walking. You will notice that walking will help you with reflection and above all, will move your muscles a little more!

  3. Choose a sport: take your favorite sport and consider to join a team. It will be fun and you will exercise for sure.

  4. Don’t stay seated for more than 30 minutes: take short breaks between hard work to stretch and walk. Stand up and go for a glass of water, a healthy snack or just to stretch a little.

  5. Consider using TV time to work out with an exercise video: there are thousands of Youtube channels dedicated especially for you! You can find a variety of routines from beginners to intense ones, 3 minutes long to half an hour… Some workout Youtube channels are blogilates, Whitney Summons, Alexis Ren, Workout, Gym Virtual, and Pamela Rf.