Ways to be Healthy

Alexis Perales, Writer

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In the age of technology, it’s hard to get in daily exercise, especially when when teens have a number of things distracting them. Why go work out when you have everything you want at the touch of your fingertips? Phones may be able to give you movies, tv shows, and food, but it can’t get you health. A study by CBS asserts that “Over 90 percent of U.S. High School students don’t get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy, and the pattern persists after they graduate,” which is an issue that deserves more attention than we give it. Childhood obesity has increased considerably in the U.S. these past years, and it’s time to address why.


“It’s because this is America. There’s delicious food out there like Firestone,” Karen Maldonado said when asked about the dire issue.


Jaime Rodriguez answered in a similar way: “People like food too much. Seriously, people go out to eat fast food everyday. I do too,” he admitted. “But people are lazy as heck.”


“There’s a lot of bad health information out there. I think a lot of people jump on different bandwagons, certain things the media pushes. They don’t think they have to learn about what they put in their body. They think they can just follow a fitness craze that someone else does and expect the same results and that’s not actually how it works,” Bobby, the Project Teen Health advisor, responded.


Obesity is a disease that comes with harmful side effects that include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and bone and joint disease. It’s not just someone becoming overweight, it’s someone risking their life. As teens, it’s easy to gain a little weight and then lose it the next month, but we won’t have that privilege as we get older and our fat becomes harder to work off. It’s better to start a fitness regimen now before it’s too late yet teens find it harder each day to get in their daily amount of exercise.


“It’s because of school work, and work, and family. But if they really care about their health, they’ll find time,” Maldonado responded when asked why it’s so hard to find time to exercise each day. Her solution to this epidemic is to, “participate in sports and classes.” Maldonado is a part of many projects that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, like being a part of Project Teen Health, a club that promotes wellness and health, and she’s also a part of the swim team. “I also try to get in a run on weekends, like participating in 5k runs,” she added.


When asked the same question, Rodriguez responded with, “It’s because we’re busy and we have jobs and homework and other responsibilities. Sometimes working out isn’t a priority, you feel?” Rodriguez is involved in a number of things including Avid, ASB, Link Crew, National Honor Society, and working at Jack’s in old Orcutt which can make it quite difficult for him and similarly busy students to find time to exercise.


“They don’t see the need. You have so much new stuff going on in your life that you don’t make it a priority, unless you play a sport or like a passion for it. Sometimes it’s also not as easily available to us. Gyms cost money. Teens don’t tend to have a lot of money, because you’re students,” he responded in the interview. Robert Thomas Harper (Bobby) is 29 years old and a health educator that works for Project Teen Health, which takes place Thursdays during lunch. “I think being healthy starts with learning what that means. It all depends on your lifestyle, and it is a process of trial and error which takes a lot of time that many people aren’t willing to put in.”


It may be hard for teens to get in their daily amount of exercise in this day and time where they’re not only physically growing but mentally growing as well. The amount of responsibilities that teens take on have increased over time as technology gives them more than enough resources to do so. Yet, these people still believe that kids can find time. It most likely won’t be going to the gym every week, but it can be something as simple as going to Bobby and learning about what a healthy diet looks like. Or maybe going on a hike with your friends on the weekend. It’s better to do something about your fitness than nothing at all and healthy habits start now.