3×3 Basketball Tourney

The 3v3 basketball tournament started off with a bang with Prime OG against Justin League. The matchup was Benny Casias, Cameron Avila,  and Mathias Echeveria playing against Zach Quinones, Robert Cuevas and Jacob Ortega. It was only day one of the tournament and the stadium was sold out. “Prime OG had the crowd going the whole game,” Hubbell said. Cameron Avila was on fire with the assist, he made tons of opportunities for his teammates to score.

Casias was able to score 6 points off of three of Avila’s assists. Casias had the crowd going crazy, 3s after 3s. PrimeThias also racked up 11 points, but sadly, it wasn’t enough to overcome the Justice League’s scoring ability.

Justice League made a big comeback with three 3s in a row, Prime OG took a hard defeat losing 27-23. Hubbell told the teams, “That basketball game is one of my top 10 best NHS memories.”

Joe Hubbell supervised the tournament. ¨I thought it was great way to get kids who didn’t get the chance to play on the school team to go out and hoop it up with their friends, ASB will keep it going and shout out to Hillary [Rasgado], hopefully we [will always] have this basketball tournament at this school.”

Mason Wells and Luis Hoopers ended the tournament against the Bulldogs with the final score 27-9. Mason Wells led the Hoopers far into the tournament, but was subbed out the last two game due to a season ending injury.

Luis leading the Hoopers to victory with 14 points, “The tournament was fun playing with other people and your buddies, I would definitely do it again next year.” he said.  Alongside Luis was AJ Gonzales and Costa.

Gonzales said, “The Championship game was one of the best game and as action packed as the first game, I would definitely do it again!” Gonzales scored 8 points in the game with two corner 3s and a sweet layup against the Bulldogs

“This was a great way to switch up lunch activities, even though I didn’t do as good because I wore jeans every time my team played I still had lots of fun.” Costa said

Hillary Rasgado helped organize with the 3v3 Basketball Tournament. Rasgado was a great addition to the tournament and she will hopefully set it up next year. “This is event that Hubbell did in the past, and I didn’t want this to be left behind when he retires. I had so much fun coordinating it as well, I can’t wait for next year,” Rasgado said.