Do Video Games Relieve Stress?

Julian Silva, Writer

Do video games relieve stress? Yes video games do relieve stress because while you’re playing the video game, your only focus is the game, so nothing else is on your mind.

People may think video games make you more violent, and I can see why they would think that. However, The New York Times reported that about a kid who was having nightmares after a movie and then he played Tetris for 12 minutes. The kid had fewer memories of the movie after the video game.

Video games do relieve stress. According New York Times, “ Heavy video game playing seemed to fulfill the needs of children who, for whatever reason, didn’t feel licensed to be competitive in their real world.” When kids are good at video games, they can get competitive. And that gets fun when you try to better yourself in either video games because you try to get matched up with your skill level and see if you’re better.

Some people may think that video games don’t relieve stress. Isaac Herlihy said, “ No they make me stressed out because I try so hard and it gets frustrating when I get teamed with [poor] players on Call Of Duty.” Although that can be true, but if you’re playing the game for fun it won’t be stressful. Just focus on the game playing naturally.

Richard Nieves and Ethan Uva both said, “ Video games take your mind off things that are stressing you out.” Nieves continued saying that when school stresses him out, he plays Call of Duty, and it really helps him take his mind off things.

Try playing video games– it can relieve some stress from you and have some fun while doing it.