Mr. Hubbell


Joe Hubbell has been a beloved member of our Nipomo High Schools community since it was founded in 2002. He’s had the pleasure of watching classes come and go and has helped them to broaden their horizons. Surprisingly, as good as Mr. Hubbell is at his job, it wasn’t his job, he didn’t always want to be a counselor.

“My first major in college was journalism. I wanted to be like a journalist, a writer. Possibly, a sports writer,” he informed us during the interview in his office. “I realized I didn’t like deadlines that much,” he joked. Hubbell went to school at Pepperdine University where he continued to write for the school newspaper before obtaining his teaching credential. Throughout his time in school, Hubbell would take summer jobs at the YMCA which is how he found his love for teaching kids and being a part of their lives. “I worked as a teacher for about four years in Los Angeles, LA Unified.” Then Hubbell began to take courses to be a school psychologist. Hubbell found himself where he is today due to the decision between his wife and him to move, “My wife and I moved from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo County in 1988, just trying to find a better place to raise our family.” Hubbell ends his response by adding, “Being a counselor just felt like a good fit.”

Nipomo High will not be the same without Mr. Hubbell, and he will be missed by both the staff and the student body. He always brightens our days with his words of encouragement and corny jokes. Feeling nostalgic, we asked him if he had any last words of advice for the senior class of 2019, and the rest of the students of Nipomo High. He did not disappoint, “There’s a saying by Joseph Campbell, ‘Follow your bliss.’ It sounds hokey but it means you should follow what makes you happy so that you enjoy enjoy doing whatever it is that you do. I chose to follow my own bliss and happiness. A second one that just came to mind is, ‘Work hard at a job worth doing.’” Mr. Hubbell is a good example of someone that followed his bliss. He went to school majoring in journalism, then switched paths to become a teacher, and finally became a counselor, because it was something that made him happy. It gave him bliss.

“I have mixed emotions,” Hubbell said when asked about how he felt about retiring. “I will definitely miss Nipomo High School and the relationships I’ve formed here. Everyone is just so unique and talented… It keeps me young watching these kids go from their freshman year to their senior year,” He ultimately agrees in the end that he’s happy to be retiring so that he can have the time to wake up in the morning and do new things, things that he wouldn’t have been able to do before. The first thing Hubbell plans to do after retiring is hike the John Muir trail, “It’s a 200 mile backpacking trail that starts in Yosemite and ends in Mount Whitney. It takes about 18-22 days,” which Hubbell would’ve never been able to plan, do, and travel in the short time that he’s given for summer vacation. “Just me and a couple of good buddies,” he said before pointing to several framed pictures of him and his friends in various outdoor locations.

Our student body has come to love Mr. Hubbell, and deeply appreciate everything that he does for us, “He’s like the counselor that cares about his students and tries to get them to where they want to be which is unlike any counselor I’ve ever had in the past,” senior Alex Tippitt said about the soon to be retiree. ‘My favorite think about Mr. Hubbell is his involvement in Special Olympics, he just really invests himself the event and he makes it really exciting and fun.”

“I would say his jokes because that’s kind of the one thing that makes it better to be here because it shows his charisma and he cares about his students on another level instead of just coming here to work his regular schedule,” senior Jaime Rodriguez explains. “The one thing I’ll always remember about Hubbell is how he’s had all of my aunts and cousins as students. That’s pretty memorable for me to be the last one of my family to be counseled by him. There was also this one time, where he invited me to a board meeting to talk about Avid and he just supported us the whole time. It was really cool.”

Our staff has likewise been deeply impacted by Mr. Hubbell’s presence . When asked what she’ll miss about Mr. Hubbell, Ms. Li, one of our math and AVID teachers here, said “I will miss how positive and kind he is, and how he never has a bad thing to say about anybody. He just loves everyone.” Next she was asked when the first time she worked with Mr Hubbell was. “I can’t really remember the first time I met Mr. Hubbell, but I first started working closer with him when I started doing AVID. He was always asking how everyone was doing or seeing what schools everyone had gone to.” Mr. Hubbell has had an incredibly transformative effect on many of our teachers, “He helped me look at students more than academically, to see the bigger picture. Yes, he always cared about the students academically, but he also always cared about how the students were doing in their home life and really looked at the students more overall than purely caring about them academically,” explained Ms. Li.

When asked if he had one last joke for the school, Hubbell responded with, “What’s the best singing computer?” he paused. “A dell.”