On Top of Mount Olympus: Madrid Holland


Grace Padden and Katie Padden

It is safe to say that Madrid Holland has worked her butt off in her four years here at Nipomo High. She is the 2019 class valedictorian, Prom Queen, a dancer with Dance Company, the ASB President, and an athlete. She has gained something from each experience and effort of her high school career; she believes “each commitment she [has] has sculpted [her], piece by piece, into the person [she] is today.” And that is an extraordinary person, indeed.

As someone who cares deeply about the mark she leaves on NHS campus, Madrid has been exceptionally busy working to enact positive and lasting change for the classes to come. Her positive attitude and sense of humor, coupled with her work ethic, has made many classes and teachers thankful for her However, everyone needs a little time to relax and concentrate on things that are important to their personal lives and their spiritual health. Everyone has to have a little fun. In order to take a step back from her full plate and de-stress, she hangs out with some of her friends and “consumes multiple pints of ice cream, although the expert (the Internet) recommends regular exercise, sleep, and diet in order to minimize stress.”

Madrid especially noted that her active physical lifestyle, supported by her friends and older siblings, has driven her success. Her strong personal faith has helped her as well.

“My faith helped me through a lot of difficult times because it’s reassuring to know that there’s always someone/thing greater than me that I can count on. I’m not just this minuscule 5’2 dot in a 93 billion light year universe, I actually have a purpose.”

There were times, Madrid noted, that she did feel “completely overwhelmed.” And in those times, especially her older brother Zach, her sister Michaela, her “Bad Girl” squad, and her parents served as support for her. Her support system, and having a welcoming environment at school promoted by her teachers, made her success possible more than anything else. She has certainly made a lasting impact on many of our teachers. Mr. Andree, student teacher for Mrs. Toshach, notes that “Madrid brings this spectacular energy to class everyday. She’s prepared, she’s dedicated, and is always willing to help her fellow students. From my perspective as a student teacher, Madrid is a great student who has always been incredibly supportive of me. Her kindness and acceptance have made my time here pretty awesome.”  Holland’s leadership capabilities have likewise offered a unique gift to our campus as she takes on the difficult task of serving as ASB President while simultaneously taking multiple AP classes. “She works harder than a lot of her peers, and remains humble about her academic excellence. As a leader, Madrid has proven herself to be a person of the people,” commented Mr. McConnell, Holland’s AP Language and Composition teacher.

And the feeling of appreciation is mutual. “Staff members like Mr. Andree, Mrs. Toshach, Mr. Hubbell, and coaches like Mrs. Belo really guided me through extremely tough choices. Deciding to attend UCLA next year wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of staff and faculty here at Nipomo; Mrs. Cuzick, Mr. Deichler, and Mr. Melancon helped me to make an educated choice that would help me achieve what I need to achieve. Their help throughout my NHS career was so important.”

For future Nipomo graduates, Madrid offers some advice. “There’s a really important quote that I feel like I should have started living by earlier: ‘Stop caring about what everyone else thinks about you because they are too busy worried about what everyone cares about them to think about anything else.’ That idea of making your own life and working past the opinions of people around you has been key to my success. But that success has hinged on things besides just my own hard work. I owe a lot to my friends, to my family, to my coaches and mentors and peers. I could not be more grateful for their help.”

Holland plans to attend UCLA for the 2019 fall semester to begin her degree in Neuroscience, minoring in Psychology and Marketing.