Dedication Brought to Students by Senior President Taylor Robertson


Holding the position of Senior Class President is a big responsibility. It takes organization skills, perseverance, a good work ethic, creativity, and discipline. Taylor Robertson is a senior at Nipomo High, and was elected last year to be the President of the 2019 graduating class. Her talents and unwavering work ethic must be recognized without hesitation by the student body.


Robertson said her experience as a senior class president has been wonderful. She further explained that her duties were, “Kind of slow at first, but with graduation, events are coming up faster.” Robertson encourages upcoming seniors to run for class president because “It teaches you a lot about what is happening on campus.” Being the class president is certainly important, as it allows you to gain insight into the procedures of how many of our school activities are put together.


Hillary Rasgado is a member of ASB and works alongside Robertson all the time organizing student activities. Rasgado believes that “Taylor is very hard working and devoted to the senior class, and she’s constantly helping out with the senior class and their activities.” The hard work Robertson displays has inspired Rasgado to continue being dedicated to the student body at NHS.


Another ASB member, Bryson Frank, admires Robertson’s commitment  to the senior class as well as the student body. Frank explains that “she’s always working on things for the senior class and is very organized.” By witnessing Robertson’s organization in planning senior week and all of the activities that happen on such a tight schedule and with limited resources (but a lot of dedication) Taylor Robertson has given her all to the class of 2019 and truly making it a year to remember.


Robertson personally insists that goal setting is important because it increases achievement, motivation, and productivity.  The what, when, where, why, and how must be specific, accurate and meaningful to each question and issue, especially when you are a president. Robertson said “planning things ahead of time” is key because if there is a mishap or something needs to be changed, it can be easily fixed.

Being a president seems fun and simple because you get to decide what you want to do as far as school functions go, but it is not an easy job. Robertson had to go through several challenges along the year, which included hours of planning and scheduling events. It is tough work because the whole senior class depends on you. The president must make wise decisions because the people around you are trusting and depending on your decision regarding the class as a whole; your decision is their future. “You’re only a senior once so it’s important to make the most of it!” Based on her experience and bright outlook for the future, Taylor is certainly making the most of everything hat comes her way.