Being a Hypebeast

Luis Avila, Writer

Over the past couple of years, streetwear brands such as Supreme, Palace, and Off-White has been on the rise. These companies set their clothes at an outrageous price, and “drop,” or release, a certain amount of unique styles that can only be bought while supplies last. These items retail for far more, even. If I learned anything in economics class, high demand and low supply typically leads to higher prices.

These companies release a limited amount of styles every new “season,” at a specific time, which means that the websites are not always up for people to buy. On social media, they post teasers to preview the graphics that they will be releasing, and the word spreads quickly. On release day, hundreds of thousands of people are refreshing that web page for the website to open just for a chance to buy an article of clothing. The websites sell out in minutes; if not, faster. The lucky few who were able to purchase an item can either keep it for themselves or re-sell it, which in some cases, can triple the original price.

Personally, I’ve been a victim of this, spending an absurd amount of money for a piece of clothing, but I think it is worth it, and I have never once regretted my decisions. The pieces I have received are of high quality. I’ve heard it all, “You only wear that for the status symbol,” or “I can get that same shirt for 20 bucks,” or “You are a hypebeast.” Streetwear is so much more than just clothes to look cool, it’s a lifestyle. The same way people dump their money into fixing up their cars, or buying vintage toys for offensive amounts of money, or spending unnecessary amounts of money on basketball shoes. It’s a hobby, and makes people happy.

People also connect through the pieces they are wearing in, the same way other people connect with strangers with the same hobby as them. I’ve gotten into lengthy conversations with other students about clothes and we were able to relate about so many things, like our past “cops”, or our last purchase on a streetwear website.

Streetwear has become increasingly important for the past couple of years, and will continue to grow. I personally think that streetwear is something that means much more than an expensive logo, and nothing more than just another average hobby. It brings me happiness, and this should not go without recognition.