New Game Captivates Thousands

New Game Captivates Thousands

Dylan Collins, Writer

Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike third person shooter developed by Hopoo Games. It is the sequel to the first Risk of Rain, which was a two dimensional top-down game, whereas Risk of Rain 2 is a three-dimensional game. This animation development adds a certain interactive component to the gaming experience.

The game is currently still being developed, with bug fixes and new characters on the way, though there isn’t much room for improvement.The game runs fairly smoothly, and the only glitching or lagging seems to be network errors. But it would seem that the company will continue to strive towards perfection.

Though it’s a fun game to play on your own, it’s even more fun to play with your friends. The game supports up to four online players and starting the match is incredibly easy,with load times equating to the time it takes to start a single player game. This connection through competition adds a competitive element to the game, which only improves your gaming experience.

Risk of Rain 2 currently has six playable characters: Commando, MUL-T, Huntress, Engineer, Artificer, and Mercenary. Each character is unique, with different attacks and abilities. Regardless of  your play style there’s probably a character for you.

To progress in the game, the player must move through each of the stages. The difficulty of the game increases with time so it’s best to move through each stage quickly, if possible. Each stage has a teleporter; when activated, the teleporter spawns a random boss that has to be defeated in order to progress.

There are a variety of maps which complement  each stage. In addition to changing the appearance of the stage, every map has secret nooks and crannies to be explored to find a variety of things from super valuable cheers to secret bosses.

To make your character stronger and to progress in the game you need to collect items. Items can be found by opening chests, buying them at a kiosk, or trading them in at a 3D printer.

Chest are opened simply by trading in, which are found in barrels throughout the game gold. There are different levels of chests: basic chests are cheaper but the items are lower level, large chests are twice as expensive and have a chance to drop the highest level items. Finally, red chests are guaranteed to drop the rarest items in the game but they cost thousands of gold.

Kiosks cost the same amount as the low level chests but instead of being random the player gets to choose from three different items. Occasionally, a level two green kiosk can be found on the later stages. While costly, they are rewarding, at least in that it is guaranteed that you will receive a green level two item for your efforts.


The items themselves are all very different. Some heal, some increase movement speed or attack speed. The more obscure and more expensive items tend to be better–but that’s not always the case.

The game is $20 on the Steam Store and has a 9/10 rating with over 15,000 reviews. I recommend picking it up if you can. You won’t regret it.