Supporting the Students

One of Nipomo High’s newest staff members, Mrs. Cervantez of the English department, left her home in the Central Valley to come to the Central Coast about seven years ago to pursue teaching. Although she misses her friends and the good food in the valley, she loves the coast for its beauty and fresh air.

When she’s not enjoying the outdoors, Mrs. Cervantez is using her free time to bond with family, or enjoying a good book. Her favorite books are young adult fiction because she, “can connect better with what some of my students are going through.” The work that she puts into her job is evident in the connections she makes while doing what she loves.

Along with books, Mrs. Cervantez’s childhood is something some students can relate to. Growing up Mrs. Cervantez didn’t feel valued at home like she did at school, “It just wasn’t a good environment for me, and when I was at school, I always felt safe and cared for,” she said. Though her home life was chaotic, she felt at peace in her learning environment, and wants all of her students to experience that same secure feeling.

Her home life was rough and she thought, “I don’t want this life when I am an adult, so I have to go to college,” and from then on, Mrs. Cervantez knew she wanted to be a teacher. Mrs. Cervantez graduated from Cal State Northridge, Cal State Bakersfield, and the University of the Pacific. “When I am at school I felt nice and safe, valued and appreciated and I didn’t feel like that at home. I want to provide that for other kids as well.”

For the past 23 years, Mrs. Cervantez has succeeded at providing a peaceful environment that work to support students both at school and at home. Even if Mrs. Cervantez had the opportunity to pursue a different career, she wouldn’t choose anything over teaching, “No…No, I would still choose to be a teacher.” Because of her admirable dedication, Nipomo High will benefit tremendously from her addition to the staff.

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