Cooking Up Happiness

Personal Life

Gabe Andrade spent half of her childhood in Fresno and half here on the Central Coast. It It is clear that she enjoys the Central Coast by the fact that she’s worked on numerous schools of different variations throughout the area. She came to work at Nipomo High School because it was “busier here with all the people.”

When she is not at work, she enjoys activities like tennis and basketball, but also enjoys relaxing and playing video games. Some of her favorite video games include “Street Fighter” and “Call of Duty.”

As someone who works with food, her choice of favorite should be a lesson to all. In this case, she prefers pizza as her favorite food.

She currently lives with her dog, Elvis, a Yorkshire Terrier. And although she may not have any kids at home, she says, “I’ve got 500 kids I feed everyday!”

Work LIfe

She has been working in the food industry for 15 years now and she loves every second of it. Her typical day would consist of make breakfast for the next day, prepare lunch as well. “I feed the beasts,” she said.

Her favorite food to cook is coffee cake, which we have once every week.

She does a lot of dishes because the kitchen is so big. She showed explained how big the sink is and that a whole person could fit in it.

She worked for Ocean View Elementary, Mesa Middle School, Paulding Middle School, Fair Grove Elementary, and Shell Beach Elementary. She has a lot of experience in the food industry. She wanted to come to Nipomo High School because it is busier than all the other schools.

She enjoys her job and says, “I like kids because they’re funny.”

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