Making It The Dream

Making It The Dream

Sienna Nieves, Writer

Freshman Year Keyannah Pua  made the varsity softball team as a starting pitcher. Pua has practiced her way up to being able to throw a total of six different pitches. Pitching at nearly 70 mph, she had a total of 170 strikeouts her freshman year.


“On the mound I see nothing but white, my team and family really help motivate me to keep going,” said Pua.


Keyannah Cambell Pua is a sophomore standing at 6’1. She has played softball since she was six years old. Making this sport a priority for her future. She not only plays for Nipomo High School varsity softball team, but also plays for a very well known elite travel ball team by the name of the ‘Corona Angels.’


“I have been playing softball for a total of nine years and five of these years years have been taken very seriously, because this is something I wish to do in college. Sure I love having fun, but I do not take this sport lightly,” says Pua.


Not only is Pua a very strong defensive player, she is also an outstanding offensive player. Freshman year, Pua had a total of five home runs. She could of hit many more but was intentionally put on base by the opposing teams multiple times because they knew what she was capable of doing.


“Sometimes it’s frustrating being put on base. But I know my team will always have my back and support not only me but each other no matter what happens. It also sucks sometimes because it ends a hitting rally we started,” said Pua.


Keyannah is very dedicated to softball. She puts in a lot of time and all of her effort. Because she plays for a travel team and our NHS softball team, this sport is year round.


“High school softball officially starts in January, and I am very exited for this season. Right now we are in our off-season training and in October we will start our pre-season training,” said Pua.


Although she plays year round, she always sets new goals for herself.  “I always have my small goals like improving a certain pitch but the one goal I will always have is to improve at least 1% every lesson. Growing mentally or even physically on the field is very important to me,” said Pua.


On the field she may come off as very intimidating to her opponents, but off the field, Pua is very friendly and has an amazing personality.


“Key is a really fun person to be around. She is super nice to everyone even if she doesn’t know them. And definitely knows how to have a good time. On the field she is a beast and isn’t afraid to show what she’s capable of doing,” said team mate Micayla Mendez.


Keyannah has kept of this spunky yet bold  personality of hers since she was younger. “I have been working and training with Key since she was about eight years old. It’s so amazing to see someone mature into a young adult. I have seen her skills grow over the years and she just amazes me. She is one of the sweetest and hardest workers I have worked with,” says coach Vangie Lopez.