Checking In at the Bolt Booth


Angela Martinez, Writer

The new and improved Titan Booth has finally arrived to Nipomo High School. It has been brought by the 2019 Link Crew Class.

“The Titan Booth is another way of rewarding our fellow classmates on their academic work improvement,” said Sienna Nieves, member of Link Crew

“I’d say the first day was a total success, a lot of students came out. There was a long line so that was a good sign that it was being successful.” said Nieves.

The Bolt Booth is located on the outside of the office next to the activities office.

This year they have added different variety of choices for the students to pick from. Little stuff like sour patches and pop tarts. Or entering all the bolts into a raffle to have a chance to win a Nintendo Switch, which is by far the biggest prize that has ever been brought to the Titan Booth.

This encouraging students to look forward to getting titan bolts.

Jazmyn Gonzalez agrees.  “It seemed pretty crazy at the beginning because there was a long line, I liked this new booth but some of the prizes I didn’t really like such as the Pop Tarts and the single Sour Patch/JellyRanchers,” she said.

“I’m pretty sure this will continue to grow and more kids will be aiming to get those bolts,” said Gonzalez.

“I do hope they expand the options those or at least get bigger bags of stuff,” replied Gonzalez

Prizes will  be changing throughout some time.

“We really want to get feedback from students and see what we can improve plus adding more things that they would like to see,” responded Nieves.

The 2019 Link Crew Class is thriving.