10 Ways to Save Water

Meghan Abbott, Writer

Plastic pollution is torturing our oceans. In 2013 they tried to pass a law to let scientists take gallons of ocean water and turn it into drinking water due to the drought. Saving water is a big key in saving our oceans and being able to still have enough to be able to water our plants, have a drink of water, or even have a fun water day. We need to conserve as much as we can for future purposes in case of an emergency. Here are 10 ways to help prevent the U.S. falling back into drought that you can do straight from your home.


  1. Capture rainwater. You can use the rainwater instead of water from a pipe which is healthier for the plant and cheaper for you.

  2. Take short showers. It’s quite hard to take short showers; I am guilty, but you can turn off the shower while you are putting shampoo in your hair; then once you are done, turn it back on.

  3. Have the max amount of clothes to wash at a time. Fill your washing machine with the most clothes as it will take instead of only washing a few of clothes.

  4. Wash your dishes by hand. If you leave them in the dishwasher, the machine will keep running and the waste gallons of water. Washing them by hand saves water and you get your chores done faster.

  5. Check all your pipes for any leakes. Showers, sprinklers, dishwasher/washing machine, toiles, sinkes, garden hose. Any leaking you don’t know about can cause you to lose about 3,000 gallons per year, according to epa.gov.

  6. Water your garden by hand. Using a sprinkler or drip can over water you plants. You can determine when your plants are thoroughly watered.

  7. Don’t use plastic! No matter how many times you hear it, don’t do it. It takes 22 gallons of water to make one pound of plastic. Reusable water bottles, no straws, cloth bags, the list can go on forever.

  8. Use every drop. When taking a shower, having a drink of water at a restaurant, cleaning a fish tank or even washing dishes you can save that water and put it in your plants or garden, you don’t have to throw it down the drain.

  9. Reuse water. Save water from, for example, a car wash, and use it again to wash your patio or another car.

  10. Reuse old denim. It takes about 2,000 gallons to make one pair of jeans, according to author Stephen Leahy. Use old jeans to make a reusable bag instead of throwing them out.


We only have so much water left on this earth. Treasure it and use it wisely because our decisions today determine tomorrow.