Be the Link


Deysha Salinas, Writer

Link Crew is a club and class on campus that puts on different events to help everyone feel more included. They plan events such as Renaissance, Be The Link, Freshmen Orientation, Little Minds Bright Eyes, Student and Staff of the month.


Be The Link is an event that Link Crew puts on once a month with the special education classes, there are usually activities and everyone has their own buddy.

Renaissance is a club that students are automatically added to if they have a GPA above a 2.0 or improved their GPA from the previous semester. Freshmen orientation happens a week before school and the purpose of it is to help the freshmen get to know the campus and school a little better.

Little Minds, Bright Eyes involves the preschoolers that are on campus, Link Crew puts on events and activities with them.

Student and Staff of the month celebrates and shows recognition to the outstanding students and staff members.


During the last Link Crew event for Be The Link, everyone had a good time and were able to bond naturally. They played music during the event which Aaliyah Serrano and Anthony Coria were dancing to music. Anthony even tried teaching Mr. McConnell how to do the worm. Zhouluhn Lei made acrostic poems, played with bubbles and Joey Adkins played with slime.


“Being able to see a smile on the students faces because they’re separated from us; they don’t get the full experience,” said Sienna Nieves as she explained her favorite part.


“I liked how natural it was everyone got along and nothing was forced. They were excited and more outgoing than us, it was as if they put the party on for us,” said Jon McConnell.