A Team’s Bond


Juan Shogren Tutiven, Writer

Leaving preseason, varsity had a strong team dynamic going for them. With their first season game on Tuesday, September 24 at Morro Bay, Coach Conaway had this to say about her varsity team: “I believe that they have lots of potential. I’m excited for what they will do.”

 And even though the junior varsity tournament was cancelled, that hasn’t stopped their determination and grit from showing during their practices.

Mr. Milton, the Junior Varsity and the Freshman Coach, stated: “Their team dynamic is much better. Women bond before they play.”

Entering the season, Kat Anderson has 10 blocks, 5 service aces, 10 kills, and 39 digs; Paloma Leal has 46 digs this season playing in the libero position; Jasmine Vongvone has 9 service aces, 37 kills, and 54 digs; and

Kaitlyn Vongvone has 44 digs and 10 service aces along with the highest number of assists for the team.  (Kills are attacks that are not returnable, Digs are saves after a spike)

Coach Milton feels that the “girls play better with an audience. It gives them something to fight for.” This is all the more reason to make sure to support them by going out to their games.