Water Polo Boys


Dillon Christopher, Writer

As the 2019 season starts the Nipomo Titans boys water polo team has played three league games as they are in the Ocean League. They have won eight games and lost seven games and in league they have won two games and lost one game.

“This sports gets you in shape,” states Eric Ahler, senior on the varsity team. This sport is different from all the other sports. It is a very interesting sport. It is really hard to stay above water for that long. It looks like a very tiring game and it is but the game is also mentally because you can’t get mad at other players or the referees.

A typical practice for the boys team is they usually do a swim set, passing and shooting drills as a warm up, then they run through plays, and at the end they scrimmage. A swim set is laps around the pool. The hardest team that they have went against is the Santa Ynez Pirates because, “They play really dirty,” says Eric Ahler.

The varsity coach Rich Firman is new to the program. The team doesn’t have the best chemistry with him. They are used to former coaches Kurt Lindgren or Cody King. “It will take some getting used to his style” Eric Ahler says.

To change coaches is a very hard task to do because you don’t know the play style of the coach or if he’s going to like you and most importantly you don’t know the playing time for each player. It’s the same for every sport with a new coach you don’t know anything. The playing time is the most important thing about games in sports because you want people to see you play. For the parents too.

The 2019 season still has two months left and the team is not going to give up on the league title. They have five more league games left and they plan on winning every single one of them. There are eight games left and if you want to come and watch some they usually start at four or five o’clock.