Technology is a Tool Not a Weapon


Anthony Garcia, Writer

After a long day of practice, work, or school, most of us would say we are on our phone at least once after our daily grind. Technology can bring comfort, linking with friends and even laughing with them. During social gatherings it can help to preserve some of the feelings you felt during it or even share them with friends.

Social media has changed the way we interact with everyone. Many people find themselves trying to keep in touch with others after they meet them in real life.

Without this, you wouldn’t have any means of communication possibly ever unless you were going to see them in the real world.

Although technology does have its downfalls. Some people use it to bring down others or maybe embarrass them. However, you can put down your phone whenever you want and get rid of the people you don’t want to communicate with.

Many students don’t have the control to do this. For a lot of us, our phones have become a piece of our lives, and putting it down and ignoring it is hard. It really is something you have to learn, to remember that your phone isn’t going anywhere and you don’t need it everyday of your life.

Social media has brought people together in weird ways. For older people, it may be used to find old highschool friends and keep in touch. For younger people, it may be to gain recognition through Youtube or other media apps.

Stanford News reported, “We found that those who reported using technology to primarily connect with loved ones reported higher mental well-being. Those who said they used technology mostly to learn new information reported being more physically fit.”

Social media only affects you if you allow it to affect you. Limiting yourself can be positive for your well being. But ultimately technology has helped society more than it has hurt it. People now have an easier, instantaneous way to communicate with friends and family. Giving people better well being and peace of mind.

Technology has also changed how school is conducted. Changing everything to how we take notes as well as how were taught the information. Forbes reports that “Technology-based behavioral interventions—like nudging a student to register for a course—produce consistently improved learning outcomes.” Making school easier for people will make them more successful and lead to a better life. It’s hard to highlight these options because technology gets such a bad reputation from cyberbullying.