Girls Water Polo


Dillon Christopher, Writer

The 2019 girls water polo team has had their ups and downs this season, but they haven’t forgotten the team work that they have put into the game. They work as a team in every game. They don’t stop until the other team is begging for mercy.

Head coach Kurt Lindgren has coached these girls for all four years of their high school career. He pushes them to their limits. They try their best in every game.

On talking about the girls team Lindgren said,”I think these girls can really go somewhere in life.” On and off the pool deck these girls are capable of doing amazing things in their future.

The girls have played seven games, and they’ve played three league games. They have only won four games and have lost three, and two of those wins have been league games. They are looking good for league this year.

Talking to some girls on the team after one of the games and Emily Acosta said, ”We have great teamwork and all of us get along great.”

Emely Acosta senior of the varsity team said,”We usually go to a place to eat as a team and bond in that way.” That is one reason why they have such good teamwork.

They have practice everyday and sometimes they have practice before school in the morning. Their usual practice routine is to swim around the pool in laps. After that, they practice throwing the ball, and then after that they train for staying above water and then play a little game at the end.

They have lost a lot of talent because of the 2019 graduating class. They helped them win a lot of games and since they have such a good bond they really miss the former seniors.