A Strong Team

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A Strong Team

Juan Shogren Tutiven, Writer

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Cross country is coming with a bang into the October and November months. Coach Long is supremely confident in his male and female teams, and much more confident than last year, if that’s even possible.

Coach Long thinks that “We should be able to own league for both the boys and girls,”

The girls cross country team is doing very well, with a strong work ethic and can do attitude, and its paid off for them.

He says, “I have a really strong girls team, [and] we are ranked number one in the division right now .”

The boys are currently ranked fifth due to injuries, but Coach Long is still confident in their ability.

“Once we get our 3 top runners back from being hurt then we should be able to compete for CIF championship.”said Coach Long.

Chris Downing, the only senior on the male varsity team, echoes that sentiment.

“I think we can win this one, we have a really strong team. I would really like to see state, for CIF, I think we can do it, if we really tried.”said Downing.

Coach Long and Downing aren’t just talk. Cross country practices are grueling events.

They start off easy, with some warm up and later moving on to stretches. The hard part comes after.

“We go out for long, six seven mile runs, [and] we do  a one minute on, one minute off tempo runs.”said Coach Long.

With such a tough regimen, it’s no wonder the team’s ranking is where it is.

The team backs up their strict regimen with determination and perseverance.

Downing is determined to push himself and his teammates to greater heights.

“I really wanna help [my team] out, [and] get a better time. With this next [meet] coming up, I’m really hoping to break 18 [minutes] and get those mid 17’s.”said Downing.


If you want to support the cross country teams, you can go to their Fun Run, where all the money collected goes to the cross country program. You can also go to their meets, and cheer from the sidelines to support the team all the way to the CIF championships.