Cup Noodles vs. Spicy Noodles


Jazmyn Gonzalez, Writer

I feel like the spicy noodles have more flavor and a hot spiciness taste; I desire that rather than a plain cup of noodles.


I like to eat spicy food. The way the noodles taste, they tended to have a different texture than the cup noodles, the spice taste really kicks in, but if you were to add lemon, it gives it a better taste and make it becomes less spicy if you are the type to like spicy food yet not that spicy.


With the cup of noodles you can make it your own way. You could add spicy taste in it by putting whatever spicy sauce you like, but the taste is still different unless you add the sauce that is used for the spicy noodles.


The spicy noodles that are mainly used for the spicy noodle challenge are called Samyang Ramen 2x and you can get them at the dollar store for about $1.30 or you can always order them online.


The spicy noodles are hot, but very good; it’s probably something you wouldn’t want to eat on a hot day or every day. You may want to have a cold water bottle by your side or a gallon of milk. In most videos of the spicy noodle challenge, there’s some type of drink by their side if its too hot to eat or you just need to cool off your mouth.


If you like to eat spicy food I recommend getting it, but if you’re not a big fan of hot food, I say go with some noodles that aren’t that spicy or just miss out on the way it tastes. You could also put less of the sauce in the soup and make it the way you would like it.

The spicy noodles tend to have different types of flavors, and I like the black bag more than the red or yellow bag because the black bags sauce has more flavor than the other bags.


You don’t have to put everything that comes  in the bag. You could add what you like, like lemon and different spices you would like to put in your soup.