Staying Healthy on and off the Field

Juan Shogren Tutiven, Writer

Teen athletes lead a tough life, having to balance sports with school and a social life. But oftentimes, they make life harder for themselves by neglecting their bodies. Here’s what the experts recommend to keep crushing, on and off the field.


Drink water: Athletes lose a lot of water through sweat, and oftentimes they don’t properly replenish. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and injury. Stay hydrated. (


Hydration isn’t the only oft-neglected thing. Make sure to

Consume electrolytes: Excessive sweating or hydration can lead to a lack of needed electrolytes for your metabolism. Make sure to consume sports drinks such as Gatorade to keep those levels appropriate. (


Sleep: Teenagers often don’t get the sleep they need. Teen athletes often get less. Make sure to sleep eight to ten hours a night. If you have trouble falling asleep, turn off your phone and go to bed at the same time every night. (


In order to have the best performance, athletes need to have the best fuel.  Diet: Athletes should consult with their coach for their diets. Diet is a highly variable thing, and a host of factors, from age, weight, sports played, and medical factors can contribute to an athlete’s healthy diet. What can be recommended is cutting down on the consumption of sweets and fast food. (


And finally, when the athlete’s on the field, they should make sure to Warm up: Warming up can prevent injuries such as muscle cramps and overextending. Make sure to stretch after the warm up. (


The young teen athlete should keep all these tips in mind in order to have the best performance possible in their chosen sport and in their daily lives.