Finding A First Job For A First Year Student

Dannon Sanders, Writer

The first year of college can be stressful for many reasons. The new adjustment of living on your own, the social struggles and the classes themselves can all add to a freshman’s high levels of stress.

For some, yet another stress will have to follow them: the need for a job. In order to reduce the excess pressure, it is important to know the best jobs for first year college students.

The best jobs for first year college students are ones that offer a fair amount of money with little pressure to come with it.

These jobs can vary from being a waitress, nanny or even a massage therapist, as seen in PayScale’s article “Best Jobs for College Students.”

The ranking was determined by the best paying jobs for the least amount of preparation. For instance, becoming a massage therapist only requires a two week course and pays $22 an hour.

For more information, look no further than our very own teachers on campus who worked part time jobs during their first year of college.

Mr. McConnell, Link Crew Leader and English teacher, spent his first year working at a now-closed department store and Hometown Buffet. And although he didn’t enjoy the job itself, he is grateful to the experience for introducing him to his wife.

Ms. Gutshall and Mrs. Toshach also had jobs working for food establishments during their first year of college; Ms. Gutshall worked at Orcutt Burger and Mrs. Toshach for a local coffee shop.

And for students who would rather focus on school and avoid the extra stress of a part-time job, following Mr. Shield’s path is the best option. He spent his summers working as a “glorified stock-boy” and earned money to spend on dates.

Overall, there are many options that first year college students have if they are looking to earn some cash without too much stress. A little research and conversation can give ideas as to what the best starting job would be.