College Majors

Dannon Sanders, Writer

What are you going to major in? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how sure are you on that decision? Why?



Probably business.

I would like to learn how to handle money.”

-Jonathan Altamiro, 12



I want to work with athletes.”

-Makayla Mendez, 12



I like helping people and nursing catches my attention.”

-Yanely Alcaraz, 12



Because I’m a YouTuber and I want to learn more about film.”

-Sam Bland, 12


Biological Physics

It seems like the best fit for me.”

-Ellie Crist, 12



It always interested me but I’m not sure yet.”

-Eric Ahler, 12


Clinical Psychology

I want to try lots of things and be a Renaissance Man.”

-Josh Diaz, 12


Speech Pathology

I like the subject but I am not completely sure.”

-Autumn Sargen, 12


Marine Biology

I’ve wanted to do stuff with the ocean since I was four years old.”

-Claire Wellenkamp, 12



I don’t have interests.”

-Tommy Kubiak, 12


Computer Science

I don’t know if I got the chops.”

-John Costa, 12


Sports Marketing and Communication

I want to become a sporting announcer.”

-Mimi Wolf, 12