Buy Locally

Angelina Ruiz, Writer

There are many advantages to buy from your local stores instead of chain stores. One benefit could be that it’s better for your health for multiple reasons.  According to the website Food Revolution, usually food that travels far to get to its store gets picked before it’s ripe, and unripe food has less nutrition. Therefore, locally grown food can be healthier for your health.


Also, buying locally helps the local workforce. This is because when you buy from your local stores, you’re also helping the local producers and farmers by buying their products and letting their farms stay in action. For example, if people didn’t buy from their local grocery stores (not a chain store) and farmers market, then these local businesses may not exist without that support and many of the workers would have to find another job or leave their farms behind.


If you buy your food for example, at a market, then you know where it’s coming from. Would you want to eat food if you have no clue of where it’s coming from? Well, you probably do it every day without even thinking about it or even realizing it.


Besides, It’s just so much better for the planet too. It reduces poor air quality. Big box stores carry a big carbon footprint, and that’s obviously not good for our earth. Since food that travels number of miles to chain store, that one vehicle is polluting the air. Think about how many food company vehicles that travel long distances to get to its destination. There’s so many other vehicles that are badly polluting the air. So why have more when we could have less?

Not only would you be helping out your locals, but local business owners would more than likely to give back to their community too. They donate more money to non profit organizations. If they are willing to, they will help out the schools, and hopefully just have a great relationship with their neighbors. Small businesses care about their wellness of their community and it’s future because they are apart of it too.


So please, support your local stores and buy from them. Every person has their own decisions and should make their own choices but there are many great benefits to buying locally grown food.