Will we still be here in 2050?

Angelina Ruiz

You’ve probably heard that our Earth is dying, right?

According to the website Live Science, the world will crumble down on us by 2050 if we don’t stop climate change now. That may sound like a long time from now, but it’s only about 40 years from now.


Climate change is affecting us. Now. The weather has been changing and seasons have been coming sooner than around the actual time they should. Notice, for example, the state of Montana in 2019 got snow in September. The New York Times states that “It’s a February storm in September.” That’s six months earlier than the usual time they get snow storms. Our climate is changing drastically.


Each year, California’s wildfire season gets longer because of high temperatures associated with droughts so our fires grow larger. According to globalchange.gov. Those large wildfires in the United States burn more than double the amount of area it did back in 1970, and they also say that the average wildfire season now is 78 days longer. Every year our earth is burning more.


Antarctica is melting. The ice is dissolving into the water so quickly that CBS News claims that the “Antarctic’s ice sheet is melting 6 times faster than in 1979. Ice sheets break apart faster than they form from snowfall, and glaciers at higher altitudes also melt.” This whole world is getting heated up which is causing the icy places to melt into water.


Over the next century, the website Science News for Students claims that the forecast researchers report is that there’ll be roughly a “50 percent rise with thunderbolts in the United States.” This is because of the warmer temperatures that are occurring and average air temperatures will rise at earth’s surface by 39.2 by the end of the century.


Hail storms are also forming bigger as well. “As they form and fall, researchers have used several models to simulate how hail may grow and form over North America between 2041 and 2070 if the world keeps warming up,” reported the website The Verge.


Though most of us may not realize it because it’s most likely not affecting us on how we live now so people may not care. Later in life if it does get worse then that’s when people will start caring because it’s affecting their everyday life. If we care now, itś less to worry about later.