A Portrait Of My Generation


Connor Bigby, Writer

Adults want to raise this next generation to try to be as successful as possible. They urge kids in school and at home to go to college or look for jobs that will make us a lot of money. Many kids just want to have a nice place to live and bring up their future families. These teens are seeing what people are telling them and thinking that they need to make a lot of money and they need to focus on themselves.

I feel like if we started thinking about what really matters, we would realize that we aren’t among them. People, although we have the biggest influence on the earth, are not as important as the earth itself. The way we are running things now makes certain people rise up and fall down. This system works well for a little while until we come across the problems we have today.

We are facing a huge problem with our climate right now and there doesn’t seem like much can be done. If we keep raising people with the idea that they matter more than most things they will keep things the way the are. Adults need to start making the youth understand that the most important thing we have is the planet. If we can start getting people to work together right now it might be easier to make changes in the future.

I don’t want to grow up in a place where I have to fight my way up to the top just to not help the greater good. I want to see a place where when a problem happens everybody will come together to help solve it. Kids don’t see themselves being able to help anytime soon because every way to help involves a lot of money. This concept isn’t going to work when we grow up so we need to start making a change right now.