A Portrait Of My Generation

Sienna Nieves, Writer

Every teenagers parents preaches that they know exactly what their child goes through, but do they really? Many will even say that their child is full of enthusiasm and full of joy, but are they really? Our generation is very misunderstood by older heads today. They believe teenagers found in this society live without any type of struggles, without anything to worry about and without a single problem in the world. This is in fact not true. According to “The Health Line News” online article it was found and proven that “depression is on the rise among younger Millennials.” Depression is a form of a mental health problem. It can be fixed, but for those dealing with it they feel as if their world is shattering into a million pieces. They live in constant fear every day. Fear of the unexpected. Fear of being judged, and not taken serious. Not taken serious by those they cry out to for help, those who are their own parents. Due to this problem this generation keeps their problems to themselves, many don’t want anyone to know how they really feel and what they really struggle with, so they put on a mask. Not a physical mask but a mask of unrealistic emotions to hide how they truly feel inside. In this picture, a seventeen year old girl is hiding. She is hiding from the world who she fears will judge her, and bash on her instead of helping her overcome a serious problem she is secretly battling. She rather portray herself as enthusiastic and full of joy then show who she truly is. Our generation does in fact struggle with serious problems. At a first look you may not see it,  but if you reach out to this generation and really get to know an individual one on one you will most definitely see for yourself that no, many are not full of enthusiasm and far from being joyful, it’s all just a part of a mask.