Trisha Oskner

Mrs. Oksner is our school’s new Career center technician. She’s a lovely smile to see around campus and greets people with the phrase, “make it a great day.” She describes Nipomo as having a “sense of community” and loves the fact that she gets to be present in both NHS and CCNT campuses. Both campuses are very different from each other and she looks forward to working with the diverse sets of students.


Coming from Southern California, Oksner went to a highschool in the Hollywood area. She mentioned that her highschool was next to a highschool for the performing arts.

“Matthew Morrison, stars on Glee” “I remember some kids in the class ahead of me got to tour with New Kids On The Block, so it was pretty cool being surrounded by that” she chuckled.


Before coming down to Nipomo, Oksner worked for the LA Times as a journalist on feature writing.“I look at the facts,” when writing a story. “Print is being faded out, everyone is going digital,” journalism had its ups and downs since it wasn’t such a growing industry and with the vast pace technology is going, there’s no time to stay in the past.

Oksner then made her way back to Nipomo after being a long term sub when the school first opened. She “found the perfect job, I wasn’t looking for an office or to be a teacher but I wanted to be a part of students’ lives. Having my job allows me to do that.”


It wasn’t hard to tell Oksner was the family orientated type. She described her greatest accomplishments in life as raising her two children. Oksner’s parents live in Orange County and she tries to visit them every 4-5 months. “Getting to visit them this year was my favorite part of summer.”

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