Creating New Memories


Sienna Nieves, Writter

Most to all students find a hobby they are very dedicated and committed to. Hobbies can very from arts, being outdoors, and sports. Participating in a sport(s) is a well known and common hobby many students at NHS take part in.

Any sport you join offers you so much more than just the game. You learn to have discipline gain confidence, make friends, and build life skills.


Aaliyah Peinado is a committed athlete to softball and golf.


Peinado is a senior here at Nipomo High School. Although she has adjusted to being here, it was not easy at first having to move here junior year of high school from Pioneer Valley in Santa Maria.


“When I first moved here I wasn’t really happy. I left so much behind and it was hard for me to try and make NHS my new home” she said.


After leaving behind a school she was so passionate about, friends, sports, and memories, she realized that although those things could never be replaced; she could definitely start a new chapter in her life.


“The first sport I joined here at Nipomo was golf. I was able to meet so many nice girls and created some amazing memories with that year’s varsity team, I realized that although I was no longer at PV I had to be willing to open myself up to something new,” said Peinado.


“I remember when I first met Aaliyah she was super shy but in the middle of the season she opened up and I’m glad we became friends, she’s a really nice person,” said NHS graduate Brooke Esparza.


Peinado has also played softball her whole life. Having to leave her softball family behind was very hard for her and she was not sure whether or not she would play the following years to come.


“I grew up playing with those girls since I was eight years old and now I would be playing against them, my own team. I met so many cool girls last softball season and made this team my new softball family, everyone was super trustworthy and dependable,” said Peinado.


“I use to play against Aaliyah and now I play with her; I’m so glad she plays with me; she is an amazing athlete and a great addition to our team,” said NHS varsity softball player Micayla Mendez.


Sports offer athletes so much more than just an extracurricular activity. The lesson taught and value learned go beyond than just the game.


“Being part of softball and golf has been very valuable and sentimental to my life, it has taught me so much more than just being on a team and playing every weekend, I will forever be grateful for this,” said Peinado.