Livin On The Central Coast

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Livin On The Central Coast

Meghan Abbott, Writter

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Living on the central coast means “ocean, surfing, oak trees, monarch butterflies, enjoying the nature that is actually close to where we live, and not having to travel hours to enjoy God’s creation,“ says Claire Wellenkamp.

Wellenkamp has had many adventures with all her visits to the beaches. She has gone whale watching, surfing, kayaking, tidepool fishing, and hiking around. She always leaves the beach with a new memory, that she will always remember.

Wanting to become a marine biologist, she always keep an eye out for marine life. “I have seen sea otters, dolphins, whales, seals, and even an octopus,” Wellenkamp says. She likes to study the animals and how they live in the ocean life. Being a surfer and a person that frequently visited the water, she never gets bored and always finds something new and exciting to do. “I love being out on the water between the waves and enjoying the calmness, the warmth of the sun and the chill of the water to balance it,”  she says.


Life on the Central Coast is a life that never gets old according to Gigi Woodmen: “There is always something to do anywhere you go or trouble to get into.”

It reaches from going down to any beach, or you can go on lots of hikes up at avila ridge or the monarch butterfly trails. Try camping at Lopez or Lake Nacimiento and enjoy the sights. Avila Barn is a huge attraction due to the activities for the kids, all the animals that you get to feed, and organic foods that they grow and sell. But the best part is just driving around and finding new places that you can make your own memories at.


“The weather might be a little weird at times but it just makes the moments all that more special,” says Rebecca Abbott. The weather can range from a low of 40 degrees but by the end of the day can reach about 75- 80 degrees. “Perfect for bundling up in the morning but then being able to go out to the beach in the afternoon and enjoying the warmth of the sun,” she says.


“My recommendation for visiting the central coast is to enjoy some of the nature. We live in a less populated area compared to LA, and so there is more room to experience the unice life of coast and the pacific ocean,” says Wellenkamp. She hopes every person gets as much joy and memorable moments as she gets living here. Whether your visiting, planning to live here, or already live here, she dreams you love it. “Though we are not the Bahamas, the wildlife here is just as abundant thought different. You see something different every time you spend a moment appreciating the nature around you, just as much as you would if you were in the bahamas,” she explains.