Infinity War vs. Endgame

Dannon Sanders

Nothing in the last two years has been able to create as much hype as Avengers: Endgame. It became the biggest grossing movie of all time, and has created such a cultural impact that people are referring to our current younglings as “The Marvel Generation.”

The common consensus is that Endgame trumps Infinity War, as evident in the fact that Endgame scored a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, while Infinity War scored an 85%.

After Avengers: Infinity War came out only one year prior, the next movie was all anyone could talk about. It served as a build up to the finale that was Endgame.

However, by looking at each movie individually, it is clear that one is superior to the other; and it is probably not a popular opinion.

As fantastic as Endgame is, from a storytelling standpoint it is lacking. The story arc of Tony Stark, the man who began this whole saga, is completed with care, but that is the only real praise that the story of the movie can receive. All the other character stories are either crammed away, disrespected or handled poorly.

Take Thor, for instance, the hero that was given an actual personality in his last movie, Thor Ragnarok, is made into a joke about depression, alcoholism and weight gain.

Captain America was handled just as poorly. In his previous movies, Steve Rogers moved on from Peggy and said many times that he isn’t the kind of person to leave everything in order for him to start a family. This is exactly what he does, however, with no signs of changing his development or desires.

Now let us compare Infinity War’s storytelling: Peter Quill and Gamora’s relationship is explored and solidified throughout the movie, which makes her death even more painful. Endgame handles this complex relationship that the audience has invested in exceptionally poorly by giving them a thirty second scene that was made for laughs.

Character growth and storytelling aside, the main difference that give Infinity War the win over Endgame was its ability to subvert expectations amongst audiences.

After Infinity War, fans theorized that time travel would be the answer in Endgame, and that was exactly the case. The main plot in the movie was predicted by the fans almost a year before the movie came out.

On the other hand, it can be said with confidence that no one went into Infinity War expecting half of the characters to disintegrate into dust. Fans were met with shock and distraught after the movie, which in turn brought more excitement for the next installment.

While everyone can agree that Tony’s death was emotional and that they are excited for the next phase of Marvel movies, only few are aware of the superiority in.