Teen Closet: Free Clothes

Isaiah Melena

The Teen Closet is a place where students and families go to get free clothes and toiletries. The Teen Closet helps students get what they need. It has everything from dresses to shoes to ties and underwear.  The Teen Closet is a helpful resource for many.

Christine Escobedo helps out with Teen Closet. She loves her work and helping out the community. “It feels really good and there’s a really great group of kids here at nipomo. My favorite school,” said Escobedo.


There are many donations every week. “Usually all three of these tables are packed down. I’d say like eight to ten big black bags on average,” said Escobedo. “More male clothes, but overall but have a little bit of everything.”

The donation box Is right outside Nipomo High School– it is the big white box that says “donate today.” This box is easy for people to donate when school is in session.


Many families and students visit the Teen Closet every Wednesday at Nipomo High School. “On Average about 40 to 70 students and families walk into the Teen Closet to get clothes and toiletries. This is a really great resource for all. This is always valuable for the student whose parents don’t have time to take them to get clothes. It is really easy access for students, being inside the school,” -Escobedo 

When you walk into the Teen Closet, you instantly feel welcomed as you are greeted by a volunteer who is working that week. These volunteers love their jobs and love helping out their community. One of the volunteers, Lori Klemwicz, says that the “Teen Closet really wants the kids to feel welcomed.”


Lori Klemwicz is the program manager for for the Teen Closet. There are many Teen Closets including ones at Nipomo, Arroyo Grande, and San Luis Obispo High Schools. This is really helpful for the people of SLO county.