Jazmyn Gonzalez, writer

Mrs. Cable is a math teacher at Nipomo High School  and has been teaching for about sixteen years as a teacher.  She grew up in Pismo Beach then moved to tachbe in bakersfield then after “here”.


Before she worked here  she worked in Tehachapi in Bakersfield at a middle school. She taught their for about eleven years. 


Her favorite food is “anything with cheese,” said Ms Cable, giggling. 


Her proudest moment in life was accomplishing all the four different colleges she went to and graduated four years she switched schools throughout the years because she kept moving, she worked really hard to graduate and she’s proud of herself for doing that because it was different colleges she went to and past each year in each one.


Her favorite thing to do out of school is to go on walks on the beach. She also loves traveling and hiking whenever she gets the chance. She likes  the view of the beach and loves the sound of the ocean.


She loves teaching because she loves being with students and likes to help students learn and always wants them to do good and wants them to do well in life. She wants them to succeed in everything they do.


She loves it here because she likes the weather; and she likes her connection with her students. Her favorite subject to teach is math but if anything she would love to teach PE. Math has always been her favorite subject because it’s actually teaching her students that they’re going to have to use it out in the real world and when they grow up.  


A lesson Nipomo High School taught Ms. Cable is to “never give up; eventually hard work pays off.”


Her goals for this next year is to continue working hard every day and to support student learning. Ms. Cable loves to see that students have confidence in themselves, whether and not and not trying their best because they don’t think they can do it. She likes it when they take responsibility themselves to do their own work.