World Series baseball

Anthony Garcia, writer

The World Series was very exciting this year. The Washington Nationals and The Houston Astros excelled to the top of the competition. The Houston Astros made their third appearance in the World Series, and The Nationals made their first appearance ever in a World Series game.

Game 1: cutting close as Washington Nationals Ryan Zimmerman took an early home run, tying the game. Juan Soto(22) a season veteran bringing in 2 of his 3 runs total with his tape measure home run of 417 feet.

Game 2 starts with Anthony Rendon scored two points with his first World Series hit in the top of the first. Top of the 7th inning and Astros were still tied with Washington Nationals 2-2. Kurt Suzuki scored his first postgame home run to give Nationals the lead.

Game 3 Astros started the game with a score in the top of the 2nd. Michael Brantly helped with the 2nd score for the Astro in the top of the 3rd. The last score belonged to Robinson Chirino with a homerun to left field. Securing the game for Houston.

This lead to a back to back loss for Houston in games four and five. Chirino again secured the lead with a home run in game four.

Jose Urquidy executed very well, not allowing anyone on base. Although he was pulled in the 5th inning allowing runs from the Nationals. AJ Hich, Astros Head Coach, was asked on “What was your thinking behind pulling Urquidy, and what did you think overall about his performance?” He said, “I battle with that decision because going into the game you kinda put in your mind, go as long as he can, as long as he’s good.”

This pull did, however, have an effect on the game allowing the Nationals to score. However, in Game 5 the Nationals were the team suffering from a lack of a starting pitcher. A home run from Yordan Alverez from Houston in the 2nd inning was the first score on the board. Carlos Correa, Houston’s shortstop, comes into the top of the 4th and smacks a fastball for a grand slam into middle field. Changing the momentum for Houston and leaving them on top for Game 5

Game 6 started early with scores from both teams in the 1st inning. Alex Bregman lead the Astros in the top of the second. The next score wouldn’t come until the 5th inning from the Nationals. Adam Eaton with his second homerun in the World Series and Juan Soto had a solo home run securing the lead for the Nationals.

Astros start Game 7 strong with their pitcher Zack Greinke ending the first half of the inning with only 8 pitches. And an early home run by Yuli Gurriel. Although 7th inning changed the course of the game as Anthony Rendon and Howie Kendrick took home three points. Adam Eaton took home another 3 with a base hit to right field leading Nationals to win their first World Series game.