Need community service?

Isaiah Melena, Writer

On Thursday November 14, 2019 Nipomo High had a community service fair in the quad at lunch where many nonprofit and other organizations set their booths in the quad and waited anxiously for the lunch bell to ring. These organizations showed up to help you get your community service hours needed for graduation. This was mostly for juniors and seniors. It is always better to get it done earlier than later.

  There were many organizations there, from #BStrongLife to The Student Store here at school.  “The student store is a great place to get community service,” said Dillon Christopher. The student store is one of the easiest ways to get community service hours It is right after school and it is open until 4:30, so it is not that long.  Working at the student store gives about an hour of community service maybe a little bit more depending on what time your arrive and leave but you many not stay longer than four.

#BStrongLife has many community service opportunities this year — from an Easter egg hunt in the spring to the Christmas parade in the winter. They need many volunteers for all of their events.

Key Club is also a club on campus to get many community service hours they are always either at the beach help cleaning up or at a on a trail picking up trash. Signing up for key club is helpful to you and your community it is easy to sign up because all you have to show up to the event and help out for a couple of hours.

All of these campus are here to help you and your community out weather its cleaning up beaches or raising or putting of events to show they are dedicated to their loving community.