Player Profile: Oscar Andersen

Dawsyn Perry, writer

There are many things that we may not realize are happening around us. Behind the scenes of our football team, there is a lot to uncover. 


Senior Oscar Andersen, who plays center for the team, is one of the players you may not hear about very often. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as most people tend to focus on the most flashy offensive positions such as quarterback, halfback, and wide receiver. 


Andersen, however, has an incredibly important position. As center, Andersen initiates the offense and is the main protection of the quarterback. This is essential as his blocking sets up the success of the team’s offense, whether they’re running the football or passing it.


Even with the pressures that come with his position, Andersen remains as calm as possible so that he can continue to be the offenses lifeline.


On a personal level, Andersen loves the sport of football. Grinding to get the most out of his practices and then playing football. You can even find him spending his time outside of school playing Madden NFL 2o.


“If it involves football, I’m all in,” he said.


There are times where Andersen can get frustrated with football. Often coming after tough losses, Andersen can find himself losing a little portion of the love he has for football.


If losses can disturb his love for the game, the anticipation before games can restore it.


Blasting “Wrong Side of Heaven” by Five Finger Death Punch in the locker room, waiting to head out onto the field, is what truly fuels Andersen.


“I can’t think of a better feeling than being surrounded by the guys you work so hard with,” he said.


Oscar Andersen is one of many underappreciated players on the team but will never complain about the low recognition as long as the team succeeds.


With a pure love for his team and dedication to his craft, Oscar Andersen is the embodiment of what it means to be a Titan.