Girls Tennis: Family Dynamic

Dawsyn Perry, writer

The Nipomo High School girl’s varsity tennis team (2-4 league record) brings an upbeat energy to this new season.


Although they have seemed to have a rocky start, there is still an underlying positivity within the team.


Varsity head coach Teresa Downey, who is now heading her 4th season at that position, has nothing but great things to say about her team this year.


“They are very supportive,” she started. “I feel like, especially this year, it’s a team. Tennis can get very individual, and this season they are all for each other.”


You often find that teams who have fun and play for each other have a tendency to be more successful.


Sophomore Shaley Stuart, 15, is kicking off her first year on varsity and has so far been surprised by her experience.


Competing at the varsity level has been easier than expected for her. The varsity-level competition is not what has been a challenge for her, however.


She seems to have found a comfort with being on varsity, but that can be attributed to the team members themselves.


“I’ve gotten to bond with the team and be myself,” she said.

A big part of the family vibe everyone talks about comes from the actions of the seniors of this year’s team.


Varsity team captain, Glecy Umali, has had a huge impact on the team in this way.


“She’s very outgoing, nice, and is basically the team mom,” said Stuart.


This is what Umali loves to do.


“I feel like a warm inviting person who doesn’t judge. I use my past knowledge on tennis to give them advice and pointers,” Umali stated.


Everyone has goals for this year as well. For Glecy Umali, winning CIF has been the hope.


Like all Nipomo teams, girls varsity tennis will strive to win it all.


One things for certain, the team will not go down without a fight. Whether it has to do with a very strong opponent or internal doubts, the girls won’t let it hold them down.