Cheering Up and Showing Out

Dawsyn Perry, writer

With the football season coming to a close, there are many things to reflect on.


One of those things is our varsity cheerleading team.


This year, Coach Jessica Leek is taking extreme pride in everything the cheerleaders do.


Of course, the most common place you’ll find the team is on the sideline of our football games.


During these games you’ll never see the team stop cheering. This can be attributed to Coach Leek’s mentality but also the cheerleaders themselves trying to do what they can to support.


Despite most people thinking cheer does the same things over and over, it just is simply not the case.


Along with their sideline enthusiasm and crowd-engaging cheers, the team is very capable of performing dances.


This is showcased during halftime of our home football games.


Having this extra skill set is important because it allows the team to branch out and shake the stigmas aligned with cheerleading.


The team’s cheer captains, Saige Gardner and Allison Hanby, are perfect examples of what it means to be a Titan Cheerleader.

“I don’t think people realize how much work we put in outside of school,” Gardner said.


“It’s not like we just dress up and naturally know how to do everything. It takes time,” she continued.


People can often only see things at face value, but once you know about the things behind closed doors, a greater appreciation can be felt.


Along with seemingly unknown practices and halftime performances, you can catch the team showing up at our rally’s and showing off their capabilities.


Being willing to do whatever they can to help build more Titan Pride around our campus is what Coach Leek’s goal has been.


If cheering, fundraising, and dancing wasn’t around our campus because of our outstanding cheer team, our school would feel dry and rather boring.


Cheer brings out the best in people and is essential as a part of Nipomo High.