Iann Dior’s Album Review

Dawsyn Perry, writer

Up and coming artist Iann Dior released his second studio album, “Industry Plant,” on November 8th of this year. This album was fueled by Dior’s love of rock and natural talent with emo-esque rap. The main reason Dior titled his new album, “Industry Plant,” was because of the young artist’s rise to stardom. The term industry plant describes someone who only achieves popularity through the label or people backing them. As a relatively unheard of artist at the beginning of 2019, Dior’s biggest critics thought of him as someone riding on the wave of his label, 10k Projects. Embracing the title for the new release not only added motivation for the album but also led to a showcase of his abilities.

Dior has grown exponentially as an artist since the start of 2019, becoming a leading figure in the melodic rap genre. In fact, fans of pop, rap, hip hop, and rock can all find Dior’s music appealing, as he expresses all of these influences in his music. In “Industry Plant,” you can find pop inspired songs such as “Flowers,” rock inspired tones such as in “Darkside,” and rap and hip hop influenced beats as heard in “Strings.”

One of Dior’s main inspirations for his wide variety of styles has to be producer Nick Mira. Mira, who happens to be the producer of nearly all recent Billboard’s number one songs including Lil Tecca’s “Ransom” and Juice Wrld’s “Bandit,” is one of the highest quality producers with a name and brand to back it. Mira has mastered the making of strong melodies that allow artists to showcase what talent they have, and by collaborating with Dior on some projects, Dior was able to prove he deserves to work with the best, as seen in the hit “gone girl” featuring popular artist Trippie Redd.

Now with people around him willing to help him succeed in his newest venture, Dior had to pick his albums sound. Dior ultimately chose to use the theme of tough love and heartbreak for his album. Seeing as these are not new themes for music in general, Dior had to make what people are used to into something that hasn’t been heard before.

With the talent of Nick Mira behind multiple tracks on “Industry Plant,” along with Iann Dior’s unique style of music, the album makes a statement as Iann Dior embraces the help from those around him. Dior proves he is deserving of his recent success by giving his fans and the world a glimpse of his true potential. The Texas native is an artist of the future and will continue to grow as both an artist and a professional.