Saying Goodbye

Chloe Housley, Writer

On Tuesday, January 28, the Nipomo girls varsity soccer team faced Morro Bay as they celebrated the class of 2020’s last high school home game.


The crowd was filled with friends and family as they honored the girls, the dedication, and the hard work they spent on the team throughout the years. Their teammates lined up the fence with baskets and posters celebrating the senior’s accomplishments. The tradition continued as all the seniors started.


Returning senior Jazmin Zarate was not able to play due to an injury, but her senior night “was full of support from family and friends, it’s something that will always stay with me for the rest of my life,” she said. Zarate has been playing since freshman year and it was definitely a bittersweet moment for her, “My experience on the team was unforgettable with all the new bonds I’ve made with all my teammates,” she said.


Throughout her time on the soccer team, Yezame Aguilera had learned a lot from her teammates: “Soccer taught me how to be patient, persistent and positive. It taught me how to work with others and learn new things from others around me.”


Those who have a few years left in the program have been inspired by the seniors. “They always kept a positive attitude and worked hard through every practice and game. They showed me that hard work pays off,” Violet Brown, a sophomore on the team, commented.


The Titans walked away with a 4-1 win and memories to last forever. “I will definitely miss each and every one of them. They were all really great friends and I loved making new memories with them and constantly laughing with them,” said Annette Vargas, a sophomore.