The Great Panic

Carly Krauk, writer

 My family members excitedly hopped out of the car. Bounce houses, music, face painting, games, and food covered the entire area of the Elks Lodge property.

My brothers and cousin ran towards the bounce houses, while I checked the area out with my mom. I really wanted to eat, so we found a spot, along with the rest of my family and ate.

After eating I was determined to walk around and see what the mini-festival had in store. I walked out into the area where everyone was playing and my brothers and cousin caught my eye; they were talking to a person dressed in a clown costume.

The clown was all alone, no balloons, table for carnival games, facepaint, nothing. I steadily walked up and hesitantly said hello. The unidentified clown turns his head slowly from my siblings and cousin and begins to stare at me.

 “Well, hi there Carly”, slipped from underneath his breath.

I froze in fear. At 11 years old, all these thoughts pervaded my mind, who was this man? And how does he know my name?

My little brother’s big blue eyes suddenly looked up at me, somewhat filled with fear; he explains to me that this clown knows everything about us. I stand there, processing what was going on, but trying to remain as calm as possible. Hesitating on what to do, I looked the clown straight in the eyes & say, “Well if you know so much about me, “where do I go to school?”

He smiles, “Hawthorne Elementary.”

 I freeze.

A gasp comes out of my brother’s mouths, one begins to come out of mine but I stop myself.

“What grade am I in?”


“How old am I?”


“Where do I live?”

“*my address*”

I grab my siblings and cousin and push them back a little.

The clown begins to follow us, “Where are you going? I thought we were friends?” he says.

I scream and all of us ran to where our parents were sitting.

  Out of breath, I explain to the rest of my family what we had just witnessed. No one believed us. After convincing everyone that our story was true, they asked us to take them to where the clown was, but he was gone. My parents had no idea what to believe, but trusting what we were telling them, they go to the coordinator of the entire event and ask if they had rented a clown, but we were informed that no clown should’ve been on the property.

A few years later, the incident that occurred was behind my family and me. I was 14 at this time, and it was Christmas day. I was so excited that I had gotten a new TV that my younger brother and I stayed in my room and watched videos off of it. This was our last night with the Christmas lights up outside of our house, so we watched the videos with my shades open, in order to see the lights.

We come across this hilarious video, so we call for my mom; holding a laundry basket she walks in and stands frozen in the frame of my door staring at my window. “Carly!” she screams, “There was a man looking through your window!” she runs out and calls the police.

I was scared, not knowing who that was, or what he was doing was watching me through my window. About 30 minutes later, the cops show up at my house to get a description of the man.

A few days later, my mom got a call saying they had found the man. The man was under the influence and had gone to other women’s houses to watch them as well and is also known for dressing up in clown costumes, to events where he is not welcomed.